Motorcycle Chain Adjusters Tensioners For BMW HP 4 HP4 S 1000 R RR S1000R S1000RR 2009 2016 Aluminum Chain Regulator Tensioner

Motorcycle Chain Adjusters Tensioners For BMW HP 4 HP4 S 1000 R RR S1000R S1000RR 2009 2016 Aluminum Chain Regulator Tensioner
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24V DC magnetic powder clutch PWM control governor, PWM speed control tension brake control board, support PLC analog 0-10V control PWM controller

Product model: HEYO-24V-PWM-PMB50

Working voltage: DC DC24V (supporting various DC24V controllers)

Quiescent current: 0.01A

Working current: maximum current overcurrent to achieve 6A current (suitable for more than 6A current controller).

Scope of application: support all kinds of DC 24V brand magnetic powder control, magnetic powder clutch, tension device and so on.

PLC support: support a variety of PLC and MCU analog signal 0-10V voltage input control (use of a wider and more advanced environment) (detailed wiring method refer to the following picture)

Size: 90 mm long * 71.5 mm * 35 mm wide, and 4.6 mm positioning aperture size (specific installation aperture please refer to the following picture)

Features: Maximum supporting working current up to 6A, supporting more and suitable for various magnetic powder brakes and magnetic powder clutches, supporting various PLC and MCU analog signal 0-10V voltage input control, using dual-chip precision circuit control, using international brand high-power as terminal drive, mature and stable circuit, good heat dissipation performance, installation side It is.


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