DC 6V 7.4V 9V 12V 14V 16V 18V 24V 28V 36V Micro Power Remote Switch Wide Voltage RF Receiver +Transmitter Factory Sell

DC 6V 7.4V 9V 12V 14V 16V 18V 24V 28V 36V Micro Power Remote Switch Wide Voltage RF Receiver +Transmitter Factory Sell
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Oписание продукта

12V 24V DC to AC 110V 120V 220V Solar System 1kw Grid Connected Power Inverter



Main Picture of 1kw grid power inverter



Power Inverter System Function                                            

directly connected to the solar panels (do not connect the battery)

MPPT using precise function, APL functions, solar panels automatically adjust to maximum output power, simply connect directly to the solar panel grid inverters, do not need to connect the battery.


AC 0 angle with high precision auto-detection

AC phase angle of 0 through isolation amplifier and input to the MCU for high-precision detection and analysis, the phase shift rate of only <1%, thus achieving high-precision AC and combining with the phase modulation. output.


Synchronous High-frequency Modulation

In the course of the grid, usually with the same phase angle and the net (ie, two-phase alternating current total is equal to 0, with the switch to the two AC fusion) and the product is first rectified AC half-frequency AC to 100Hz, Then the machine produces high frequency current in the circuit and semi-100Hz frequency alternating current generated combination, to achieve high-frequency modulation.


Pure Sine Wave Output

Adopt SPWM to make pure sine wave output directly


 Power Automatically Locked (APL)

The current strength of the different fluctuations, we should use the MPPT function, when the MPPT function adjusted to the maximum power point, the product automatically powers locked in maximum power point, the output power is more stable.


 Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Current intensity, voltage constantly changes, if there is no power point tracking, then there will be a lot of problems in the past usually adopted a solar controller, this product uses high-precision MPPT computing power, automatic and immediate to solar panels output power adjustment in the maximum output point, in order to achieve a stable output purposes


Automatically Adapt To Different Load Power Factor

Adapt to any of the power load.


Automatically Shut Down When The Power Output Of a Fault

When the city power system planning power outage there is a failure, the inverter will automatically turn off the output.


Current Limit Protection

This product is constant current, constant output power, without any overload, over-current phenomenon.


Stack Multiple Machines (in the parallel machine used)

Multiple machines in parallel can be used to achieve a small power inverter in parallel for the power output.


 High-Frequency High Conversion Rate

Use high-frequency converter to make high efficiency.


6-grade power search

    In overcast weather,the solar battery’s output current is extremely tiny, then inverter will automatic open 6-grade power search function.

1. The program can automatically open power adjustment for 6 times.

2. The current direction can adjust from the maximum to the minimum.

3. In automatic adjustment process, we will see the LOW light flashing. And the power will keep as a starting point, from 0 to the maximum output power, and it will restart at most for 6 times, then locked in the maximum power, the ST lamp long bright.

4. It need 10 minutes for 6-grade power search.


1kw Grid Power Inverter Stack using

In order to achieve higher power use requirements, this product can be stacked, such as: 4 grid inverter1000W stacking can achieve 4000W.And the number of the stacking is unlimited. Used as shown

stacking 1kw



1kw Grid Connected Inverter User Guide                                     

1.Solar Panel: Recommend using the power more than 30W and the standard voltage of 17.5V PV panels.

Recommend using multiple solar panels. Solar panel in series will result in high-input voltage which will exceed the working voltage range of the inverter.

2. AC output

Voltage range of the inverter whose output is 230V AC.: 180V - 260V

Voltage range of the inverter whose output is 110V AC.: 90V - 140V


LED Indicator 

1. Red LED 

1. Low-voltage protection (input DC voltage is less than 10.5VDC).

2. Over-voltage protection (Input DC voltage is greater than 28VDC).

3. Over-temperature protection (when the chassis temperature is above 75 C.

the temperature dropped about 2-10 minutes to restart automatically after cooling).

4. Fault Protection (when 110VAC or 230VAC power outage or shutdown).

5. Islanding protection: When the electric supply stop, the inverter automatically shut down output.

2. Green LED.

1. Green LED flashing: The inverter is adjusting power output. MPPT is in working condition.

2.Green LED long in time: The inverter is in working condition with the maximum output power.


Grid-series models



Recommend use solar panels



DC Maximum Input Power



DC maximum voltage



DC voltage range

Vpv 10.5V~28VDC


Maximum output power factor



Maximum input current



AC output power



AC maximum output power



Anti-voltage protection



AC standard voltage range



AC frequency range



Output current
total armonic distortion






Islanding protection



Output short
circuit protection



Status Show

 LED Light


Standby Power



Night Power




0~99%(Indoor Type Design)



Indoor Type Design


Electromagnetic Compatibility

EN50081.part1   EN50082.part1


Power System Disturbance

EN61000-3-2  EN60950-1


Network test

DIN VDE 1026


Net weight



G weight



Size (L x W x H)

31 x 16.5 x6cm


Package (L x W x H)

Inner box: Inner: 40*21*12/pcs



Big box: 43*41*6/4pcs


AC power cord length




Cooling Fan



1 Red and 1 Green LED

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