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FitnessMonster: How Can an Ectomorph Effectively Gain Weight

Are you fed up being a skinny guy who works at the gym all day and consume different kinds of food but still not gaining any weight? For many people, having an ectomorph physique or skinny figure is as bad as those who are overweight or endomorph. Ectomorphs have fragile and delicately build body structures with very little fat and muscle, and they often find difficult to add muscle or gain weight. Men who are ectomorphs are lacking body shape and they are struggling to increase their muscles, while women complain of looking manly and are flat chested.

Being an ectomorph needs to have a different approach when it comes to muscle building and weight gain. There are many things you can do in order to improve your body figure and gain weight. If you are hoping to gain weight, you need to do less work in the gym. The fact is that muscle is effectively built when you are resting whereas doing workouts in the gym will just break down your muscle tissue. The more you are spending time in the gym, the lesser time you are spending in resting, the lesser time you’re giving yourself to build muscle mass. In order to see optimal results, you just need to limit your gym sessions to three or four per week for forty-five minutes to an hour. When exercising, you have to focus on compound movements and exercises such as squats, shoulder press, deadlifts, bench press, and rows to help in building your muscle faster. An ectomorph focusing on leg extensions, lateral raises, and bicep curls is far less effective. It is essential to count the calories you are consuming per day because you might not be getting many calories needed to gain weight like many ectomorphs overestimating the number of calories they are consuming. For ectomorphs, high-calorie foods are ideas such as consuming oatmeal, nuts and butter, whey protein powder, dried fruit, bagels, salmon, avocados, and grass-fed beef.

Have frequent small meals to ensure you are getting the right fuel every time. Fuel your body by consuming 400 to 500 calories per meal to keep your energy levels consistent because too much food will leave you sluggish most of the time with full-packed meals. Allow FitnessMonster to be your ultimate guide in achieving the best figure you want to have, follow our related articles for more details. Make use of shakes and blend foods with high-calorie contents such as nut butter, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, coconut oil, avocado, or ground up oatmeal.

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