A Simple Plan: Yoga

Why You Should Practice Yoga

The practice of Yoga is no longer a preserve of Easterners, there are growing numbers of people in western countries who are taking it up for its many benefits. The adoption of Yoga by individual Americans has seen some serious growth in the last four years since 2012-there were 20.4 million practitioners then but 36.7 million in 2016,according to Yoga in America Study.

Are there reasons for the impressive growth of the practice in the country? A study from the University of Illinois found out that Yoga had a greater impact on brain function than 20 minutes of aerobic exercises.

Another study from the University of Pennsylvania found that Yoga practitioners had greater drops in their level of blood pressure than people who followed walking,nutrition or weight counseling programs.

Another great benefit of Yoga is that it has a greater ability to bring chronic lower back pain relief than regular medical treatment;this is according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.

Yoga is all about a healthier lifestyle and has the ability to lower high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar,all of which are predisposing factors to cardiovascular ailments,according to some publications from Harvard University. Yoga practice involves the uniting of body,mind and spirit to bring about peace and serenity to the yogi.

You sure want to appropriate some of the above mentioned yoga benefits but don’t have a clue where to start;if that is you,there are some good and instructive Yoga videos that are accessible online.

You will need to buy the right gear and equipment and these are available online or at sporting goods stores and yoga studios.

There are many poses that you will learn when you start out.

The Lizard and mermaid poses are some of the poses you will soon learn in Yoga.

Utthan pristhasana,or lizard pose helps to revitalize your body,it boosts metabolism and lowers stress and anxiety. This pose focuses on the hips and as such most men might find it a little challenging,though with some practice and patience they can master it. The name Utthan pristhasana is not a meaningless phrase- Utthan means stretch out, pristha means back of the body while asana means pose.

The Mermaid pose is a variant of another pose called the pigeon posture. The common thing between the mermaid and the lizard pose is that they both involve hip opening and some back work. The mermaid pose is somewhat complex and you may want to see your area yoga teacher for guidance.

You can teach yourself yoga at home through use of reliable yoga videos but you may want to see your yoga teacher for poses such as the mermaid or the lizard pose.

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