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There are many varied reasons as to why people require to use braces. People born with teeth that are not well aligned in the mouth are the category of people that need the braces so that their teeth can be straightened and put in the right shape so that they can be comfortable to smile, and also the individuals with the problem of under-bite need this to correct the problem. Majority of the people with braces acquired them at their teenage life but nowadays even the adults obtain them also, and because of the difference in the age groups, there exist different options of braces for the individuals according to their tastes.

The components of the braces include the thin metal wire, the ring brackets, and the metal band, and all these components are conjoined to make the complete set of the braces that are then attached to the teeth. The process of straightening the teeth does not take a short time, but it takes months and also years for the pressure of the thin metal wire to accomplish its main objective of straightening the teeth once again.

The types of braces available include the traditional metal braces, lingual, Invisalign and the clear ceramic, and whichever type the patients are given depend on the amount of cash they are ready to give and also what the dentist has recommended that they qualify for. The traditional metal braces are cost effective, most popular, and they straighten few issues of the teeth.

Invisalign is a type of braces that are very comfortable because they can be removed before eating, easy to clean, though much more costly compared to others, and they are uncommon among the teenagers. The lingual braces are invisible because they placed at the back of the teeth as opposed to the other types that are placed in front of the teeth. Finally, ceramic braces which are an upgrade of the traditional metal braces are hard to be identified from a distance because their brackets take the color of the natural teeth, and they need to be properly cared for so that teeth fixing can occur smoothly without any more problems.

There exists many factors that affect the pricing of the braces a teenager needs and among them is the tooth problem and the type that an individual desires, but it should be known that the braces can only be purchased after one has undergone some examination by the dentist who recommends them.

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