SEO Techniques Avoided by Companies Like Excelsior Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization is not an exact science. Search engines upgrade their parameters on occasion. Internet users, individually and as a group, tend to gradually change the way they make searches. In addition, it can take time for a website to rise to the top of listings even after optimization is done. For all these reasons, many businesses like to hire a skilled creative team such as Excelsior Internet Marketing to handle their SEO needs.

It’s relatively easy to learn the SEO techniques that definitely should be avoided. Some of these methods used to be standard practice but now are actually harmful to websites in regard to search result rankings. A method known as keyword stuffing used to be effective but now must be avoided. Websites that include the same words or phrases over and over repetitively and pointlessly cause readers to feel irritated. Search engines work to keep those websites off the first few pages of results because Internet users don’t like them.

Placing URLs on other websites that link back to the website to be optimized is an effective strategy. Those links entice readers on other sites to click out of curiosity and in an effort to find more information on a pertinent topic. In addition, search engines consider those links an indication that the website is of high value. However, the type of site where the link is to be placed must be considered. Years ago, it was acceptable for e-commerce companies to set up websites filled with poorly written blog posts that were not even related to the site links inserted into those posts. First-person scenarios talking about going to a park with friends might include irrelevant links to websites about law firms, dental clinics or plumbers. Search engines now essentially disregard these sites, making the links useless or even detrimental to the website represented by the link. It’s essential for blog posts created for marketing purposes to be on topic and of interest to readers. A somewhat similar technique involving writing spam comments on a variety of sites and linking back to the promoted site also is frowned upon.

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