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Steps to Take When Writing an Affidavit

An affidavit is a statement that is put in writing by a person to help with a case hearing, mainly done through an oath or affirmation. There’s no difference between the evidence that is put forward in material or goods and the evidence that is given forward in terms of an affidavit, both are rendered reliable in the eyes of the court. The difference between a lousy affidavit and one that can be used in a court of law are the steps followed in writing the same. The heading of an affidavit should be seen from afar where it is supposed to indicate the place where the court is to be held, the names of the defendant and the case number. In bold one should encrypt the name affidavit just below the case caption that will help in signifying the kind of document that it is.One is required to give full information on his/ her details which include the full name, date of birth, the address, religion, job status and so on.For The affidavit to start one is required to write the full affiant name where this is the person that swears to an affidavit. The statement of the affidavit must be presented in a way that it shows no prejudice but the whole facts about the case when presented before a judge. Facts hold more ground in a case than opinions and theories thus the statement in the affidavit should be full of facts.

The affidavit should be well outlined in paragraphs with every fact put in a single paragraph explained thoroughly where letters such as ‘I’ should be seen in the phrases denoting the affiant’s words. In scenarios where facts cannot be differentiated, they can be as well stated in a good manner in the same paragraph but outlined properly. The different facts that are provided by the affidavit should have supportive documents and dates and addresses to verify the truth of the affiant. There should be a swearing oath part in the affidavit that helps the judge to make sure that the affiant was talking the truth.The last and most important part is to create a block that will be inserted a signature of the affiants to help authenticate the statements. The affiant should not only sign the document, but there should be someone witnessing the activity; notary The affiant truths on signing the document will be supported by the notary who will have a block on the affidavit to sign.

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